Villains International League of Evil

Octavian's Journal

A rather strange team

So after joining this V.I.L.E organisation I was expecting to meet a veritable group of other “villains” whom I was to work with and defeat the schemes of the so called “heroes”. However, much to my displeasure, I was met with a very different sight. A man and a dinosaur screaming at a barmaid and a door too small for the beast to get through. An insane doctor who was defeated by a child and his dog. Admittedly the gargoyle was reasonable. He rarely disagreed with me and was flattering. As well he should be. Although this visage is somewhat soured when we realised all he does is lie. Then the ifrit. A terrifying sorceress, and well she knows it. Thankfully myself, the doctor and her were able to have a civilised conversation only interrupted frequently by the yells of the so called captain.

Eventually we were called away to the headquarters of V.I.L.E well one of them anyway. We were brought along with another individual, a hag for lack of a better name. We were told by some rather arrogant (by my standards I might add) man that one of us weren’t villains. At which point the hag was promptly shot. Not one to miss an opportunity I began siphoning off blood from her. Who knows maybe she was of some value. But aside from that we were given our orders. Infiltrate a prison, release a prisoner with her joining the organisation. It seemed simple enough.

Well that was until… well we stated. Immediately the gargoyle attracted the attention of guards and fled into the distance being chased. The Captain charged in killing the guards in the gatehouse. Deciding this was an ample enough distraction I said to the remaining two that we should head round the back and sneak in. Scaling the wall with minimal issue,I saw the sorceress and doctor had the situation under control and wen into the prison itself.

It was here I discovered it was an all female prison. Why did it have to be an all female prison. Finding our charge I went into the lower levels in search of her. It went as well as could be expected. I did get the job done, but only with the tatters of my dignity intact. Everyone of them terrified me to my core. Especially the drow. My skin is not for clothing!

But I digress, I for lack of a better word fled the prison with an army of terrifying convicts behind and indeed in front of me. The doctor blew a hole in the wall to allow for their escape and as I described the escape to the sorceress she asked what I did about the two empty cells. I said they were irrelevant but she disagreed heading back in.

I made my report to Rumpelstiltskin and went after the sorceress. What she found was quite the marvel if utterly terrifying.


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