Vruta Sordem

AKA The Terror


Vruta’s form changes as she gains more power, but certain features remain constant. For instance she is covered in thick scales that glow within its cracks as though a great fire burns within her, and her eyes are a pitch black but flash a deep red iris when she sees a person or landmark of divine stature.

This however is in fact her eidolon, a mystical creature she has created and wears to conceal her true form. Inside this beast is a pitiful creature less than 3 feet tall, born from a goblin and a minor demon. It has ashen grey skin, draconian horns and a mouth full of tiny needle-like teeth.


The song of The Terror is rarely sung by bards, more frequently sung to children who won’t behave or to guards who relax too much in their duties. There have been very few who have seen ‘The Terror’ and survived long enough to tell the tale, thus there is only one song sung of her and it tells of a mindless beast, whose origin is unknown, which tears through villages and unprepared cities alike, killing for sport rather than sustenance.

In truth however, ‘The Terror’ is more than a beast. Though born from a mortal Vruta rejected her family name , believing Sordem (the Abyssal word for filth) to be more appropriate after she was cast out by the village’s clerics. Since then she has spent her life wanting nothing more than being a blight in the gods’ eyes, knowing how enraged they must be with her very existence has become the only thing she elates in. Especially now she has come across an enemy who specializes in the divine, who believes beauty is synonymous with virtue like she does but who does everything in his power to prevent this corruption.

And when they fought the difference between them was clear. The citizens and fans around him barely had time to run away before he had nearly killed her. Only a few more blows were necessary before she would be dead before him. But no, she received something worse than death that day, for Sir Michael became the first to see through ‘The Terror’ and see who she truly was, Vruta, a child who came to resent those who had hurt her, screaming against the world for not accepting what she was. For a moment he pitied her, and this hesitation is what allowed her to escape, but left her more humiliated than ever.

She was finally able to defeat and kill him after she joined VILE with the help of newfound allies. However in doing so her true form was revealed and she cracked, attempting to kill her “allies” soon after and winding up dead.

Vruta Sordem

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