The Divine Sir Michael of Radiance

Divinity personified


As to his oath Sir Michael is always sure to keep his appearance nothing short of immaculate when in public, while making certain that he is still sufficiently armed in case of attack.

When in an anticipated battle however, Sir Michael is sure to don his more spectacular gear, which gives the appearance and presence worthy of his abilities.1fe1986892c8fbecc88b6a2a2a0944c7.jpg


Born from a family of nobles, Michael is technically a bastard, but no one really cares about that if it’s because your father is an angel. Sir Michael was knighted after many conquests and after many evil beings were slain by his blade, his full title a reflection of his lineage and of the symbol he has become for the people, protecting and providing hope for all people in all kingdoms. Though his “calling” as he names it has brought him to the very edge of the world and to every kingdom in between, he always retires to his home eventually, which he keeps open for the public to see allowing them to see his collection of arts and even to meet him personally, be it for advice, guidance or just to say hello.

The Divine Sir Michael of Radiance

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