A little off the deep end


A young human woman with white hair and pale skin. Her nails are short but hard and her canines look slightly longer than usual.


Sylvia is not her name. She just found the tag on her armour that had ‘Sylvia’ written upon it, forgetting that she had looted it from an adventurer not long ago.

Her name is long forgotten by her. Left by her parents in the forest before they were hunted down by the predators of the forest. It was in those woods that she grew up. It was there that she learned how to survive, how to feed herself. It was under the night sky that she learned to use magic, magic that… wasn’t hers, but she was certain it grew greater when she drank from the creek in the wood.

This was not true, in fact she was lucky the waters of maddening didn’t mutate or deform her, but merely drained her mind and mobility.

When she grew older she used her magic to torment the villages at the edges of her wood, either driving them mad, mutating them or force-feeding them the waters from the creek. Those with hardy constitutions who weren’t fun enough she quickly grew bored of and left them for the other predators.

She relied so much on her “home” that when an inquisitor came and defeated her her only idea was to flee further into the forest. It was there she met an organisation that could become a new substitute home for the time being…


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