Luvon Ilphas Nomarim Kael'Ntha

Master of endless damn items


A hero who donned his family’s armour, claimed their sword and set off to take more artefacts. For a reason


Born to a small family but a prestigious one. A minor family of nobility known for their heroic lineage. Not one to disappoint Luvon set off with aspirations to slay evil, find relics and all round be a dashing hero. Dungeon and dungeon he would rid of all forms of evil and villainy but anything that was sentient he had a tendency to leave alive, hoping they would redeem themselves if spared. Much to the anger and humiliation of a recurring opponent Alzen Blackshadow. Eventually giving Alzen the option of joining him the two set off together finding it substantially easier to complete quests and adventures with an extra pair of hands.

Over time his band of adventurers would grow to encompass a long dead composer who was determined to reform his legacy which had through the ignorance of the masses been forgotten. An imp determined to find lost artefacts of her homeland and a rather poor explorer but capable captain of their ship.

No matter how far his travels took him he always returned home to tell his doting grandmother of his adventures and as time went on even the local princess became somewhat infatuated with him. So when one day he returned to her he was somewhat perturbed to see a pauper drow engaged in conversation with her. Apparently he was a noble from the dark and corrupt lands to the north. But it wasn’t just the princess who was eating it up. Everyone was. The entire audience was completely enthralled, hanging on his every syllable.

Finally noticing that he was in fact attempting to hide beneath a weak illusion Luvon had seen enough he marched up to the drow and ordered him to move. The drow did but then the imp hiding in Luvon’s shadow giggled as she dispelled the illusions. Revealed for what he was the audience broke into laughter pointing at the now revealed pauper. Cursing him the drow tried to attack him. But just as quickly as the drow charged Alzen took him down on the behalf of Luvon. Cursing the audience and Luvon the drow fled the scene. Glancing behind him Luvon saw his bard Benedict Sharpe laughing while writing remarking, “this will certainly make quite the comedy to add to your epic!”

Luvon Ilphas Nomarim Kael'Ntha

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