A lovely beast with a shockingly poor taste in friends


Higby first made a splash by arriving with the other Bastardeers on their rampage of bloodletting and pillaging. A rather docile beast, Higby is possibly the only thing Captain Bastard actually cares about, and the feeling may even be, shockingly, mutual. Higby’s name is down as a co-founder of the Bastardeers, though by a small accounting quirk, his name was placed first, legally making him the lead founder, and also the creature in the Bastardeers to whom loyalty was given.

It also may have been a small contributing factor that Higby is some what more well trained and less likely to savage a lawyer than the Captain.

Higby is loyal and disciplined, and will defend Captain Bastard to his last. He is fond of children, especially washed down with a keg of beer.


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