Always heard, and frequently seen


An imp who joined with the hero Luvo Ilphas Nomarim Kael’Ntha when he saved her from death. Since then she has been with him protecting and helping where she can.


A traveller from a distant land, she set off well equipped and prepared for her journey but over time her situation worsened. Too late she realised her powers were incredibly dependent on being near her homeland. So far from home and without power she became weak prey. It got to the point where she couldn’t retain her true form and became the small imp she is now.

Eventually she was attacked by brigands who believed she had powers of some description. Only putting up the briefest of fights she was captured. Luckily Luvon was travelling through the area and came to the rescue. But it didn’t particularly seem necessary. Whilst captured Gindach had managed to kill all of the brigands during the night. But she had done so without leaving her chains which were still tied to a tree. So she was still stuck there.

But after being released she joined Luvon as a treasure hunter, searching for artefacts she remembers were stolen from her homeland hoping they will return her powers.


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