Benedict Sharp

Composer of the best works. Don't you agree?


A bard who came out of retirement when Luvon accidentally disturbed his grave when searching for an entrance to a nearby temple. Often taking the form of a man in red robes but when not he is a ghost in tattered versions of those robes.


Many years ago Benedict was a bard of wide renown. His compositions were epics that anyone who was anybody knew of and even the common people learned snippets of his works. But a mans life is only so long and he passed. With time his works were forgotten to the point where no one even knows the name of the great composer Sharp.

Although he had no concern, after all he was dead. But when his grave was disturbed by two treasure hunters he was understandably outraged. But once the treasure hunters had apologised profusely he had a new concern. His grave was overgrown and the graveyard left abandoned and decrepit. This was not befitting a man of his stature and fame dead or alive.

So he joined the hero to remake his legacy, what easier way to get an epic than to help make one that would live on. Immortal through his works.

Benedict Sharp

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