Atwood 'Vicious' Lincoln

A man with a ship and a map


A cowardly swashbuckler with a map leading to treasure. Has yet to find the island it relates to though.


A man whose reputation precedes him. Atwood became a hero to many and a legend to aspiring adventurers and explorers. Atwood took to the seas before the exploration had been complete. Searching for new lands and hidden treasures. It was a shame all he could find was Neverland and he, unlike Hook, had the integrity not to attack (or question) a land inhabited by children.

So down on his luck he was in a tavern drinking his sorrows away when someone offered him a map. A map leading to untold treasures and that all that was guarding them was traps and ghosts. Normally scared off by anything actually guarded Atwood leaped at the opportunity. Ghosts weren’t real after all.

With a map leading him to several treasures he set off to the first, a temple on the coast. But his attempt was thwarted when he found himself at the bottom of a pitfall trap with no way out.

Thankfully another three treasure hunters arrived. Quickly making excuses Atwood finally asked to be rescued and accepted he wasn’t meant for a life of treasure hunting, but enjoyed the reputation of having done so. He offered Luvon the use of his ship in exchange for a share in the treasure and that he be included in all stories of their adventures somewhat more prominently than was true.

Atwood has been ferrying Luvon’s treasure hunting team around the sea all the while searching for the last treasure on his map which is on an undiscovered island somewhere.

Atwood 'Vicious' Lincoln

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