Alzen Blackshadow

Darkness turned to light


A near perfect mirror of Luvon Ilphas Nomarim Kael’Ntha except for colouration. What with black hair, sickly pale skin and glowing red eyes.


With no memories and a lacking of personality Alzen knew only one thing. To stop the adventurer. Every dungeon he made his home in was assaulted by the exact same hero. First two or three times is a coincidence but after the fifth it was getting monotonous. After the seventh loss, he was just hoping for death. Anything would be better than this humiliation. Well maybe not everything. It was at this point Luvon gave him an offer, join him. It was clear he couldn’t beat him but maybe he could have something resembling an actual life.

So the two set off and continued to raid temples, dungeons and palaces (only the evil ones of course). Eventually the two realised they worked well together and that only more could help. So their team grew in size making them an unsurpassed treasure hunter group.

Alzen Blackshadow

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