Villains International League of Evil

Diary of a one T.H.Pipplin, esq.

Found buried underneath rubble, Munchkintown


Darling dearest Diary, fraptious news! During today’s pumpkin festival, a stranger did arrive! He was dressed in such armour and rode such a magnificent steed he must surely be a knight, from a story, on his way along the yellow brick road! Oh, we got all giddy when he asked for a place to stay the night, and Mayor Shineykind graciously offered the biggest barn in all munchkintown for him to sleep in! He slumbers even now, his lovely steed making its sweet, sweet snore, oh what japes!


Dearest Diary, the stranger came out of the barn today to examine our little patch of yellow brick road. He must still be very worn out from his journey, as his language was just a little rough and he must have been very upset to accidently knock over that fruit stall.


The stranger broke P.C.Plods nose today with a shovel he had borrowed from the barn. Mr Plod will be all right, says doctor Prune, but what on earth is he doing to the road?


Today the minstrels arrived! I am fond of the minstrels, for their jolly larks and tall tales make the whole town laugh, and why, when they play, we all burst into song! They played all the favourites, the song of Gindach, Luvon and Alzen Blackshadow, the ballad of the Divine Michael of Radiance, and even a ditty of the brilliant boy genius of Puddleduck Green and his trusty dog, of which the children do so enjoy. Unfortunately, the stranger seems to have taken a dislike to the “Great tale of Sir Galiant, Captain Fabulous and the Knights of Niceness”. The funeral is on tuesday, for all the bits we have left to bury.


The stranger has gone mad! Mr Plod finally awoke from his coma today to tell us dreadful news – he is trying to damage the yellow brick road! Mayor Shineykind has gathered us together and we’re going to have a town meeting to sort this all out with the stranger – I’m sure it’s just a misunderst-

_From here on out, the diary is illegible, as a large quanity of blood has seeped through and damaged the paper. It was unearthed a few weeks after the Emerald Authorities discovered the desolation of munchkintown, along with a large notice reading “Sod your road”, painstakingly constructed from many, many bricks of the yellow brick road. _


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